Julia Riddiough

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'A true journey of discovery lies not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes'
– Marcel Proust

A book and a journey that questions the nature of travel and escape. Escapism is about immersing yourself in other realities to retreat from the current situation. But is there really any freedom in escaping? Are we all hiding or seeking? Have you packed your emotional baggage?


Misguided (2010)
An artists’ book by Julia Riddiough
Hardcover 10 x 8ins
26 pp text and 4pp cover
Hand round bound
Bespoke embossed cover with uncoated end papers
Text 150 gsm watercolour paper and digital print
All images colour

Misguided, postcard boxed set (2010)
Thirteen individual postcards reproduced from book
Presented in archive postal boxes wrapped in kraft paper and screen printed

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